Shannan Orr

Hi! I'm Shannan. Mom of two lovely girls, who each have a child of their own, Isaac and Austen Rose, the two most precious grandkids ever.

As a child and teen I took great pride in being the "good girl," mostly because I thought my life would be perfect if I could be perfect enough. 

At age 14, I was drawn to Jesus because someone told me about the love of God, but I immediately set about trying to be good enough to deserve His love and trying to get everyone else to be good enough too. I spent nearly 30 years volunteering at church teaching children in hopes of hearing "Well done, faithful servant." I taught hundreds of children my self-righteous rule-keeping way to relate to God. 
I felt born-again again when the light bulb moment of grace hit as I was reading Connie Witter's Bible Study, "Because of Jesus." I realized that my right standing with God was a gift of His love, not something I could ever earn. 

These days I joyfully volunteer at the product tables during Women of Grace Conferences and at Connie's weekly Bible study, where my own books, "Refocus" and "Yes I Am" preschool curriculum are part of the BOJM resources to help people of all ages understand the Love of God and their identity in Christ.

I am honored to be able to speak at churches and conferences, telling people about their righteousness by faith in the finished work of Jesus rather than performance-based religious traditions of men. After all those years of teaching kids, I developed a visual teaching style that makes the good news of Jesus simple enough for even adults to understand.