1. Beware of Being Right
    True peace and freedom comes from agreeing with our Father's good opinion of ourselves and others. Beware of the trap of judging or working according to the elementary principles of this world that cause us to judge ourselves and others.
  2. Missing the Point
    We were created by Love to live in the union of His love and good opinion of us. When we try to live according to our own self efforts and judgments instead of His way of righteousness as a gift, we will be in a perpetual cycle of fear, depression, worry, frustration and other negative emotions. Eat from the Tree of Life. Say "YES" to the love that enables us to live in peace and joy regardless of our circumstances. Message starts at about 16:00 mark.
  3. Red Light, Green Light Heart beliefs
    What does your heart REALLY believe? All of our actions and the words of our mouth proceed out of the true beliefs of our hearts. What direction is your heart taking you? Message starts at about 18:00 mark.
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